Dedicated to creating bespoke inclusion-in-luxury travel business solutions, IncluCONSULTING is our strategy, education, marketing and design consultancy.

Why isn’t our industry doing this already?

Few organisations are aware of the true scale of opportunity of this emerging market. Nor of their obligations under equality and building regulations, or of what actually constitutes inclusion and accessibility. This means that most fail to get beyond the ‘fear of getting it wrong’ and indeed only 4% of businesses have a meaningful and targeted strategy of any kind. At best there is a culture of compliance with equality legislation (most notably in the USA where it has more ‘teeth’). But for the rest of the world, random tick-box exercises and in some cases conscious non-compliance has resulted in there being little meaningful impact or improvement in the experience of disabled guests, for decades.

How can IncluCONSULTING help?

Things have to change. For everyone’s benefit. And it is why we have developed solutions that not only manifest awareness of the rights of all guests to equity of experience and satisfaction, but for the first time for in our industry, delivers strategic pathways and tools to realise them.

How can we ‘get beyond the fear’?

Although the outcome of total-guest-inclusion is a constant, the route map to get there will be unique for every organisation or service. This is why we offer a free video or in-person consultation to determine how we can best deliver the solutions necessary to establish brand-differentiating ‘leaders in inclusive luxury’ status.


The critical requirement needed in order to fully embrace and deliver authentic guest-inclusion in hospitality, travel and leisure, is investment in understanding. Transformational knowledge and awareness that neutralises many of the myths and misconceptions that often leads to inertia in our industry. And given that accessibility and inclusion is now a legislative requirement in many parts of the globe and a sought after ESG asset by an increasing community of stakeholders, status quo is a decidedly unattractive stance.

IncluACADEMY is a repository of learning. Generic and tailored online and in-person training that addresses the current industry knowledge deficit and equip service providers with the tools, solutions and strategies to deliver inclusion excellence to every customer, whatever the physical, sensory or neurodiverse requirement.

Training programmes are available for:

  • Hotels, resorts and lodging
  • Tourist Boards
  • F&B
  • MICE
  • DMC
  • Representatives
  • Independent Travel Designers
  • Experiential service providers
  • Land transport operators
  • Limousine and Chauffeur
  • Tour guides


Historically, the vast majority of the built environment, the very foundations and fabric of our hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and event spaces have given at best a cursory nod to extreme functionality – the recognition that if we design for those with the most complex of requirement, absolutely every guest and service user will benefit.

It has been this failure to design for functionality and style, in equal measure, that has created a burgeoning global inventory of adapted bedrooms, bathrooms and other facilities that are neither attractive nor functionally optimal. A potential annual revenue value for hospitality, of trillions of dollars often regarded as ‘inferior stock’, hidden from view, and in in contrast to every other accommodation type in a property, made difficult to find and book. That is not only commercially remiss but potentially discriminatory under equality legislations.

What is the IncluSTUDIO view?

It is that inclusive design can be completely beautiful as well supremely functional. Not only in the fixed, physical environment but in the look, feel and usability of amenities such as bathrooms, furniture, fashion, swimming pools, F&B and event spaces. In the way we present information – our websites, social media and marketing. In fact every aspect of a guest or users experience with your organisation, property or service.

Who are these designers and creatives?

They are a rare and precious community of talent pool and we are privileged to partner with the best. Depending on the project and requirement, we can draw on world-class architects and designers who work exclusively to Universal Design principles.

What should we do next?

Don’t even think about signing off on new-build or renovation plans until you have spoken with us. Just that one action could ensure this is a project that gets it right from the get-go. Is designed to be experienced by the entire spectrum of user diversity, removing barriers to more custom on the drawing board and not through second-best and always more disruptive solutions and costly remedial work down the line.

Now that has to be worth a call?

To begin that conversation you can reach us at +44 (0)203 916 5162 or email us at


Beautiful imagery is an essential requirement in the messaging of any luxury and lifestyle offering. And yet promotional content portraying accessibility or inclusive provision for and of guests with physical, sensory or neuro-divergence is rare indeed. The craft of dream-weaving divine destinations with diversity and disability, virtually non-existent. But not any more. IncluCREATIVE exists to deliver stunning video and still content to a global audience represented by an estimated one in six of the global population, who have for too long been denied the seduction of luxury travel, hospitality and leisure. Excluded from the opportunity to aspire and to dream big. To go way beyond the low-expectations that come when we fail to make visible, beautifully, what is currently hidden from view.

How can we make our provision look beautiful?

Simply allow our creative partnership team the privilege showcase how accessibility can look amazing. Inclusion-by-design utterly inspiring (to everyone) and transform the landscape of luxury opportunity for the worlds 1.8 billion disabled people and those who would travel with them if only they believed they could.

Stunning, creative perception-shifting content will do that.

Let’s do that.