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A New Dawn

After more than a quarter of a century at the forefront of influencing, innovating and shaping the landscape of opportunity for travellers with physical, sensory, neuro-divergent or other visible or non-visible exceptionalities, we feel that IncluCare and its proof-of-concept outcomes for early adopters, has heralded in the dawn of a new, transformational chapter in luxury travel, hospitality and lifestyle. The era of Conscious Guest Inclusivity.

Conscious Guest Inclusivity

Unlike the static construct of ‘accessibility’ which tends to relate to the fixed physical and virtual environment, Conscious Guest Inclusivity is behavioural; a dynamic, sustainable culture of sensitivity and caring, and the empowerment of every member of workforce talent to facilitate equitable experiences for every client, however different their preferences and requirements may be.

IncluCare is different

In awarding IncluCare Winner of their ‘Bright Ideas in Travel Award 2022’, Condé Nast Traveler stated that “IncluCARE goes beyond a narrow focus on the accessibility of the built environment to ensure the full destination is inclusive to people with both visible and hidden disabilities.” We certainly do, but there is more that sets IncluCare apart from anything that has come before. IncluCare is relational and not transactional. Conscious effective engagement not tick-box-and-move-on compliance. We are with you all the way; planning, directing, and supporting you for the entire, rewarding journey.

Is there a market?

IncluCare is not the pursuit of niche. On the contrary, it is potentially the most important positive strategic investment in understanding, positioning and distinctiveness your organise could make this decade. An acquisition that that can equip any organisation to embrace and realise the full potential of what is almost certainly the last major untapped market (one in six of the world’s population is disabled) – a global community consisting of many millions of people who possess the ambition, time, financial resources and aspiration to experience the finest of everything that travel, hospitality, leisure and lifestyle industries have to offer, but lack confidence and trust to do so. IncluCare Verification will, in an incredibly competitive environment, allow you to manifest that trust and confidence and distinguish you as leaders of customer inclusivity in luxury, attracting and welcoming a totally new and loyal client following, who would otherwise simply stay at home. That is both morally unjust and commercially, a huge, missed opportunity.

How will you measure success?

We can think of few examples of such strategic cause and effect across any commercial landscape today. Clearly and directly attributable and measurable ROI from the practices, processes and adjustments adopted during your IncluCare Verification will become clear as guests who would never have used your services until you made visible your new provision, begin to arrive. A commercial evolution which can be best illustrated with these words from the GM of an early IncluCare adopter resort:
“In the last 6 months it has been our pleasure to welcome families with one of more of the guests requiring additional assistance in some shape or form.

These guests have come from Sweden, Dubai, UK, India, USA and Australia with a range of needs including Autism, Dwarfism, MND, Down Syndrome, Paraplegic, Amputee, Muscular Dystrophy.

The investment in equipment and modifications has been minimal compared to the pure joy for the guests in feeling they have been listened too and looked after in a way that makes them feel special rather than a burden due to their special needs.

The investment for our IncluCare certification was US$3,000, the return on investment so far has been over US$115,000”.

Just hotels and lodging?

Conscious Guest Inclusivity is an organisational mindset – a culture that impacts positively on every facet of a service providers offering. Indeed, most hotels and lodgings would regard their F&B, spa & wellness, land and water sports and retail provision as core to their business model and revenues, so the IncluCare verification process will apply to all of these offerings.
But IncluCare is also tailored for standalone businesses – including independent and restaurants groups, clubs, meeting places, sporting and wellness facilities and fine retail outlets – physical and virtual.


IncluCare Verification is just the first step towards to a significant new customer base and we are fully cognisant of the need for investors in IncluCare to see an early return on investment and to make visible their newly formed user-inclusive offerings. So from the moment of verification, we will begin to promote your organisation and service on the following Inclu Platforms:
ViP Club – Membership of the Verified IncluCare Partner luxury travel trade consortium. This includes dedicated training module promoting your service to ViP Club members that will include luxury travel agencies and independent contractors.
The Inclu Guide – Exclusive B2C showcase promoting in detail your inclusive offering to disabled consumers across the globe.
Inclu Travel – Preferred Partner status

Timeline, investment and outcomes

Whilst IncluCare sets clear outcomes for each organisation we recognise that every business footprint will be different. So, we tailor the route to IncluCare Verification to perfectly suit in every case. The process begins with an in-person or virtual conversation. Our opportunity to set out the IncluCare proposition in detail and to fully understand the nature, scope and scale of an organisation’s operation and services. From this we will agree a timeline and fee structure. Then it’s all go and this exciting, transformational investment in a brand new community of customers will begin.

Next move…

To arrange a virtual conversation, contact the Inclu team at

A Condé Nast Traveler’s
‘Bright Ideas in Travel 2022’

Condé Nast says...

“IncluCARE goes beyond a narrow focus on the accessibility of the built environment to ensure the full destination is inclusive to people with both visible and hidden disabilities.”

This is what Condé Nast Traveler had to say

Namai Bishop - COO

Namai Bishop
Chief Operating Officer
and IncluCare Lead

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