Inspiring, connecting, empowering, and supporting purveyors of luxury travel, hospitality and lifestyle and an unwavering commitment to ensuring equity of experience for their clientele, these are the guiding principles that define Inclu and everything that we do.

Lead Team

Richard Thompson

Co-founder and CEO

Ian Carter

Co-founder and MD

Alison Pearson, Inclu Travel - Head of Operations

Head of Travel Services & Support

Erica Lighter - Specialised Education Lead

Specialised Education Lead

Christine Silva - Consortium Lead
Christine Silva

Business Development


Our unique positioning within the arena of accessibility and inclusivity in luxury hospitality, travel and lifestyle has been crafted and driven by a lead team who, collectively, possess more than six decades of first-hand experience, knowledge and understanding – an unrivalled pedigree of professional and personal insight into living and travelling with acquired disability and the transformational impacts that positive client inclusivity strategies can have on the user experience.



Inclu is home to distinctive domains of inclusive lifestyle aspiration and activity – elegant hospitality, luxury and ultra-luxe travel, exquisite food and beverage, spa & wellbeing, and signature retail; serviced and fulfilled, impeccably, by a curated branded-family of bespoke services – IncluCare, Inclu Travel, Inclu Consulting, ViPClub Trade Consortium, and the Inclu Guide.



What a line up. Industry professionals through and through for sure, but what bonds and makes the team special is a profound understanding of the impacts on one in six of the worlds population who are disabled and disenfranchised by an industry that fails to meaningfully or sincerely include or welcome them.. and a passionate belief that we have the capacity, and with several of us, the lived experience of life-changing trauma, to effect real change and end this inequity of opportunity.

Meet the Team



Our IncluCare Ambassadors are seasoned curators of luxury hospitality, travel and lifestyle. They are also destination or sector experts in their own right. Fuse this with an understanding of the positive influence and impacts that IncluCare is already having on destinations, suppliers, buyers and even indigenous communities across the globe and what we have is a world-class lineup of advocates and ambassadors for change. Meet them. Join them?

Meet the IncluCare Ambassadors