Alison Pearson

Head of Travel Services & Support

There have been dramatic shifts in how travel has been constructed, packaged and retailed over recent years and Alison Pearson has been at the forefront of most of them. Two decades experience on the ‘frontline’ with one of the UKs major tour operator and high street retailers had more than equipped her to head up the World of Inclu B2C travel and hospitality brands.

Add to that rich mix of acquired industry know-how, a personal, life-changing trauma at the tender age of 17 (Alison sustained multiple catastrophic injuries after being hit in a road traffic incident, including below-knee amputation of her leg) and you have at your service someone with an up close personal insight and a passionate belief in the value of total customer inclusion. And with this comes a unique capacity to support and encourage our valued brand partners as they strive, often for the first time, to not only accommodate but to ‘wow’ and delight their disabled guests.

We view Alison’s role as one of the most important in travel and hospitality today… crafting inclusive products and services with our valued partner brands and showcasing and selling them to an audience who have the ambition and resources to travel… if only we can give them trust and confidence to do so.

Haha, so no pressure, Alison. No worries either. You’ve got this!

Alison Pearson - IncluTravel Lead