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IncluCARE is the world’s first verification of guest-inclusion in luxury travel, hospitality and leisure.

It will serve as a powerful statement of intent and commitment to brand-differentiating caring and equity of experience for every guest, whatever their access, mobility, sensory or neuro-diverse requirement may be.

With support from the very outset, you will be guided and supported to verification by your dedicated IncluCARE Account Manager. Utilising unique inclusion appraisal tools, they will identify current provision and draw up an action plan to meet clearly set verification criteria. Remote learning programmes for all members of your workforce will ensure that there is a comprehensive understanding and awareness, creating an empowering culture of inclusion that will transform the guest experience, whatever their requirements may be.

We would aim to deliver verification within three months from the commencement of Agreement. This could be shorter depending on the property footprint, number of personnel, and range of amenities such as pools, spa, and beach.

IncluCARE Verified properties and services will secure exclusive membership of the IncluVIA Consortium, a global alliance of service providers bonded by a common level of awareness, understanding and a commitment to caring and equity of experience, for every guest. This will include world-class independent luxury travel designers, whose go-to properties are almost certainly to be those with verified accessibility and inclusion: IncluVIA Consortium members.
Verified organisations will also have a dedicated mini site on the IncluGUIDES web platform showcasing, beautifully and in granular detail the complete inclusion provision of a property or service. This will provide the most important influences on a disabled guests buying decision – trust and confidence.

There is an investment requirement. This will be based on the following criteria:

  • Total room inventory;
  • Total staffing numbers;
  • Footprint of property;
  • Amenities including swimming pools, spa, beach and sea access;
  • Location, as we will appraise accessibility of the ‘getting to you’ aspect of a guests experience.

Statistics show that when trust and confidence is conveyed by making authentic inclusion provision visible in detail, disabled guests will find you.  They are likely to stay longer and spend more than other guests. And when they experience a service that ‘wows’, they will stay loyal, and tell ten times more people about their experience than a non-disabled guest.

We don’t believe there are. Reactive, often knee-jerk, ad-hoc actions addressing a particular aspect of provision, without context or a clear understanding of actual requirement, are likely to be ineffective in delivering equity of experience, cost more, and be no match for the planned and supported strategic pathway to guest-inclusion excellence – and new custom – that IncluCARE provides.

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Listen to the IncluACADEMY questions and answers

The critical requirement needed in order to fully embrace and deliver authentic guest-inclusion in hospitality, travel and leisure, is investment in understanding.

Transformational knowledge and awareness that neutralises many of the myths and misconceptions that often leads to inertia in our industry.

And given that accessibility and inclusion is now a legislative requirement in many parts of the globe and a sought after ESG asset by an increasing community of stakeholders, status quo is a decidedly unattractive stance.

IncluACADEMY is a repository of learning. Generic and tailored online and in-person training that addresses the current industry knowledge deficit and equip service providers with the tools, solutions and strategies to deliver inclusion excellence to every customer, whatever the physical, sensory or neurodiverse requirement.

Training programmes are available for:

  • Hospitality
  • DMC
  • Representatives
  • Independent Travel Designers
  • Experiential service providers
  • Land transport operators
  • Tour guides

To find out more, please call us on +44 (0)203 916 5162 or email us at team@inclu.uk


Inclu was formed in December 2019 but the team behind it’s travel operations have been shaping the market since 1997.

First in the context of accessibility, but now, definitively, as inclusion; total guest-inclusion that strives for equity of experience at every touch-point of their journey; through initial communication, access to information and relevant detail, booking & confirmation, pre-travel personalisation and of course, the actual travel experience itself.

What travel services does Inclu offer? Find out below…

IncluVIA logo

Inclu VIA is the luxury travel and lifestyle consortium of IncluCare Verified organisations and service providers that have acquired the understanding, capacity and desire to transform the landscape of accessible and inclusive travel and lifestyle opportunities for disabled people, their family, friends and companions.

Members will include hotels, resorts and villas, DMC, independent travel designers, luxury travel agencies, representatives and operators, tourist offices, private jet and yacht charterers and other experiential service providers.

IncluCare Verified organisations and service providers will automatically become members of the IncluVIA consortium.

Membership will last for the duration of their IncluCare Agreement – a minimum of two years. The Agreement can be renewed annually after this date.

Renewal subject to re-appraisal of inclusion provision at that time.

The capacity to communicate, collaborate, learn and trade with a common level of understanding, awareness and fluency across the full supply-chain spectrum of luxury travel and lifestyle.

Additionally, the opportunity to promote and make visible your guest-inclusion provision to the trade, media, and this exciting emerging market of wholly new customers.

There are no additional fees required.

Membership is automatic upon becoming an IncluCare Verified partner and valid for the duration of your IncluCare Agreement.

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It is our B2C Cruise Club.

IncluVOY exists is to introduce and facilitate inclusive ocean cruising on the worlds finest luxury ships and yachts, for HNWI across the globe.

Ocean cruising is inclusive. Very. Indeed almost certainly the most accessible and inclusive way to discover the many wonders of our world.

New generation cruise-ships and yachts are largely barrier-free, providing spacious, adapted staterooms, easy access to their myriad of amenities and an ocean of opportunity to explore multiple and often diverse destinations on a single holiday. Perhaps unique in that capacity within travel and leisure.

Headed up by award winning inclusive cruise expert, Alison Pearson and a network of IncluCare Verified Independent Travel Designers across the globe, the team bring decades of knowledge and know-how to this rapidly growing market.

IncluVOY is in very safe harbour.

IncluVIP logo

The function of ageing and its associated links to reduced mobility and impacts of degenerative conditions or trauma (to which none of us are immune), has generated a substantial and growing community of HNWI who, having enjoyed a lifetime of travelling in fine style, are now denied the opportunities to explore the world in a manner that had become a fundamental staple of their lifestyle. Not as a result of the changes in their condition but because of loss of confidence in a travel industry that once served them impeccably, but now struggles to meet their new requirements, inspire or overtly welcome them nor manifest a willingness to understand how to do so.

We don’t believe it has to be this way and is why we have launched IncluVIP.

We strive to keep the well travelled, travelling well. In style.

And, crucially, with confidence.

We have a global network of highly respected and experienced independent luxury travel designers who have undertaken our unique training and education programme and are now certified IncluCare Verified Independent Travel Designers.

They in turn are supported by our core concierge team to ensure, as much as is reasonably possible, to transform oft-abandoned travel aspirations into new horizons of possibility.

It’s both.

B2B – IncluCARE Verified Independent Travel Designers (buyers) are also members of our travel consortium, IncluVIA. This means, safe in the knowledge that all members have made the same commitment to caring and investment in understanding, their default choice of supplier to service their customers accessibility and inclusion requirements will almost exclusively be other IncluVIA members.

B2C – IncluCARE Verified Independent Travel Designers are just one conversation away from new and loyal HNWI customers. These are existing clients and people they know (and, statistically, everyone knows someone who is disabled) who would travel or keep travelling if only they believed they had a luxury travel arranger with the knowledge, confidence and desire to do so. The IncluVIP network of designers have invested in acquiring all of those attributes and have licence to display the certification plaque on their web and social media promotional platforms.

Once IncluCARE Verified Independent Travel Designers begin to talk about their newly acquired capabilities, commitment to caring and capacity to create genuinely accessible and inclusive experiences, existing clients may realise there are destinations they once considered inaccessible to them can be placed firmly now back on their bucket list. And will almost certainly tell others they know family, friends, colleagues.. followers.

And as for all IncluCARE Verified organisations, they will be showcased on IncluGUIDES; the world’s first directory of inclusion-verified luxury hospitality, travel and lifestyle goods and services.

IncluGo! logo

It is about the luxury of possibility, for everyone.

The freedom of opportunity to experience the world’s most exciting sport, adventure and activity holidays and travel.

Well, on land this will include adaptive skiing, all-terrain trekking, climbing and safari. On water, kayaking, white water rafting and adaptive surfing. In and underwater – Scuba diving and snorkelling.

The spectacular places. The Canadian Rockies. New Zealand, East and South Africa, Patagonia, the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and Caribbean. To name a few.

There are and we are privileged to showcase and facilitate holidays and travel with these inspirational organisations, all dedicated to removing barriers to anyone seeking thrilling and transformational holiday and travel experiences.

Complete this short form or leave us a message on +44 (0)203 916 5162.


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A consultancy service dedicated to equipping and empowering organisations to service and realise the potential of what is almost certainly the last major untapped market in hospitality, travel and tourism.

Few organisations are aware of the true scale of opportunity of this emerging market. Nor of their obligations under equality and building regulations, or of what actually constitutes inclusion and accessibility.

This means that most fail to get beyond the ‘fear of getting it wrong’ and indeed only 4% of businesses have a meaningful and targeted strategy of any kind. At best there is a culture of compliance with equality legislation (most notably in the USA where it has more ‘teeth’).

But for the rest of the world, random tick-box exercises and in some cases conscious non-compliance has resulted in there being little meaningful impact or improvement in the experience of disabled guests, for decades.

Things have to change. For everyone’s benefit. And it is why we have developed solutions that not only manifest awareness of the rights of all guests to equity of experience and satisfaction, but for the first time for in industry, delivers strategic pathways and tools to realise them.

Although the outcome of total-guest-inclusion is a constant, the route map to get there will be unique for every organisation or service. This is why we offer a free video or in-person consultation to determine how we can best deliver the solutions necessary to establish brand-differentiating ‘leaders in inclusive luxury’ status.

We invite you to complete this enquiry form and look forward to speaking with you soon…

IncluSTUDIO logo

We are a creative design consultancy that recognises that the many barriers to accessibility and inclusion are best designed out of the equation at the drawing board stage of any renovation or new build. And that this approach always delivers a more holistic experience of inclusion and at significantly lower costs than remedial ‘fixes’.

Historically, the vast majority of the built environment, the very foundations and fabric of our hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and event spaces have given at best a cursory nod to extreme functionality – the recognition that if we design for those with the most complex of requirement, absolutely every guest and service user will benefit.

It has been this failure to design for functionality and style, in equal measure, that has created a burgeoning global inventory of adapted bedrooms, bathrooms and other facilities that are neither attractive nor functionally optimal. A potential annual revenue value for hospitality, of trillions of dollars often regarded as ‘inferior stock’, hidden from view, and in in contrast to every other accommodation type in a property, made difficult to find and book. That is not only commercially remiss but potentially discriminatory under equality legislations.

It is that inclusive design can be completely beautiful as well supremely functional. Not only in the fixed, physical environment but in the look, feel and usability of amenities such as bathrooms, furniture, fashion, swimming pools, F&B and event spaces. In the way we present information – our websites, social media and marketing. In fact every aspect of a guest or users experience with your organisation, property or service.

They are a rare and precious community of talent pool and we are privileged to partner with the best. Depending on the project and requirement, we can draw on world-class architects and designers who work exclusively to Universal Design principles.

Don’t even think about signing off on new-build or renovation plans until you have spoken with us. Just that one action could ensure this is a project that gets it right from the get-go. Is designed to be experienced by the entire spectrum of user diversity, removing barriers to more custom on the drawing board and not through second-best and always more disruptive solutions and costly remedial work down the line.

Now that has to be worth a call?

To begin that conversation you can reach us at team@worldofinclu.com or call us on +44 203 916 5162.

IncluCREATIVE logo

Beautiful visuals are an essential requirement in the messaging of any luxury and lifestyle offering. And yet high quality promotional content portraying accessibility or inclusive provision for disabled guests with the same style and chic is rare indeed. The craft of dream-weaving divine destination with diversity and disability, virtually non-existent.

But not any more. IncluCREATIVE exists to deliver stunning video and still content to a global audience represented by an estimated one in six of the global population, who have for too long been denied the seduction of luxury hospitality, travel and leisure. Excluded from the opportunity to aspire and to dream big. To go way beyond the low-expectations that come when we fail to make visible, beautifully, what is currently hidden from view.

So let our creative partnership team showcase how accessibility can look amazing. Inclusion-by-design utterly inspiring (to everyone) and transform the landscape of luxury opportunity for the worlds 1.3 billion people and those who would travel with them if only they believed they could. Stunning, creative perception-shifting content will do that.


IncluGuides logo

Trust, sincerity and verified information is absolutely essential to travellers with different physical, sensory and neuro-diversity requirement. It means reassurance and confidence that accommodations and services they have booked will not only meet those requirements but will go well beyond to ‘wow’ and delight.

And it is why we have created IncluGuide, the worlds first directory of inclusion-verified luxury and lifestyle travel, hospitality and leisure.

All IncluCare Verified luxury hospitality, travel and lifestyle services and goods are automatically featured in the Inclu Guides. There are no additional costs for the duration of the IncluCare Agreement.

There a Guides dedicated to each sector:

IncluTel logo

It is the online guide to IncluCARE Verified luxury hotels, resorts and lodging.

Too often, accessibility and inclusion detail provided by luxury hotels and lodging proves to be limited, inconsistent – even across the same hospitality brand, and often inaccurate. This can mean disappointment or more importantly, present physical and attitudinal barriers that can ruin a holiday or stay.

We understand and it is the reason why every hotel and lodging featured on IncluTEL has secured the much coveted IncluCARE Verified status and have made a commitment to caring, for ever guest. Whatever their requirements might.

IncluTable logo

It is the online guide to IncluCARE Verified fine dining restaurants, café’s, bars and other F&B venues.

As with hotels, resorts and other lodging, far too often, accessibility and inclusion detail provided by restaurants, cafes, bars and other outlets proves to be extremely limited. Often the only indication being ‘this restaurant is (or is not) wheelchair accessible’. With little or no mention of the accessibility of washrooms/WC or the amenities within them. Even less about seating, table clearance for wheelchair users, access to information (ie. menus in alternate format), lighting, training levels of staff etc.

This lack of (relevant) detail means that the vast majority of disabled simply don’t eat out or socialise anywhere near as much as they would if they could. And in a very challenging and competitive sector, ignoring one is six of the population who are disability (not to mention those who would join them) simply doesn’t make commercial sense, given that many of the barriers to inclusion are ‘quick fixes’ requiring very modest outlay and almost certainly, a healthy ROI.

IncluTABLE aims to make visible, accurately and authentically the details needed to attract and welcome this emerging market of wholly new customers. And that opportunity does not present itself very often!

IncluStore logo

It is the online guide to IncluCARE Verified purveyors of luxury goods and services, who have manifested a commitment to caring for every customer.

Embracing inclusion-by-design principles and striving to make the browsing and purchasing experience as accessible and inclusive as possible.

It is commonly recognised that, globally and with a few exceptions, the physical experience of shopping can be incredibly challenging for shoppers with reduced mobility, sensory and neurological-divergences. Just take a look at the accessibility of building and shops next time you are down the high street! And finding goods and services that meet the very specific requirements of many users, almost impossible.

But thankfully there are purveyors delivering beautiful, aspirational and functional (yes the three can co-exist) luxury goods and services – everything from breathtaking bathrooms to high-fashion, adapted off-road bikes to concierge travel and lifestyle services and more. The IncluSTORE aims to be The place to shop for life’s finer things. The fancy and the fabulous. And all with the rare reassurance that the sellers are dedicated not only to the quality of their goods and services and total satisfaction with your purchases, but to making your browsing and buying experience as accessible and inclusive as possible.