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IncluCARE is the first verification of Guest-Inclusion in luxury travel, hospitality and leisure. It has been created to train, guide and support hotels and resorts in making their properties as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Total Guest-Inclusion is the opportunity for every guest, if they choose, to experience all of the amenities and services that a hotel, resort and destination has to offer – however different their physical, sensory or neuro-diverse requirement may be.

Yes. Whilst it may not always be possible to make a property wheelchair accessible (which is acceptable as long as it can be justified) almost every hotel or property can achieve high levels of inclusive provision for guests with reduced mobility and can walk, and for those with hearing, vision or neuro-diverse requirement.

No. IncluCARE Verification focusses primarily on the impactful and transformational adjustments that maximise guest-inclusion that can be made with minimum disruption and cost and should be achievable by any hotel within 3 to 4 months of the commencement of an IncluCARE Agreement.

IncluCARE will enable you to identify current barriers to inclusion – physical and non-physical and deliver the solutions you need to remove or mitigate them. IncluCARE will provide education and learning collateral to your entire workforce, advise and guide at every step of your journey and once IncluCARE Verified, will make visible, beautifully, your accessible and inclusive provision.

It will serve as a powerful statement of intent and commitment to brand-differentiating caring and equity of experience, for every guest. Whatever their access, mobility, sensory or neuro-diverse requirement may be.

The IncluCARE Agreement is 24 months. This allows for a 3–4-month period of Verification and the remainder of the Agreement period to build on these solid foundations.

Your dedicated IncluCARE Account Manager and support team are with you all the way, always at hand to guide and advise as you embrace and constantly advance and enhance your Guest-Inclusion services and credentials and to promote to the trade and disabled consumers across the globe.

The journey to Guest-Inclusion excellence continues.

Verified properties and services will secure exclusive membership of the IncluVIP (Verified Inclusion Partner) Consortium. A global alliance of service providers bonded by a common level of awareness, understanding and a commitment to caring and equity of experience, for every guest.

This will include hotels, resorts, DMC, Tour Operators, MICE, F&B, Tourist Boards, PR & Marketing, Independent Travel Designers and Limo and transport operators.

We will.

VIP Consortium members will have a dedicated showcase on World of Inclu B2B and B2C web platforms. This will present relevant and accurate accessibility and inclusion detail which is essential for potential guests and customers to make their next travel, hospitality and leisure buying decision.

VIP will also have the opportunity to connect and communicate with consortium members via webinars, chat spaces and news updates on our regular VIP Lounge bulletins.

We don’t believe there are. Reactive, often knee-jerk, ad-hoc actions that address a particular aspect of provision, without context or a clear understanding of actual requirement, are likely to be ineffective in delivering equity of experience, cost more, and be no match for the planned and supported strategic pathway to guest-inclusion excellence and new custom, that IncluCARE provides.

There is an investment requirement for the 24-month IncluCARE Agreement.

This is based on the following criteria:

  • Total room inventory;
  • Total staff numbers;
  • Amenities including swimming pools, spa, beach and sea access.

The IncluCARE leadership team would welcome the opportunity to ‘meet’ with you on a video call at your convenience.

This will provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions or queries that are not addressed here and to understand further the transformational impact of becoming a Verified Inclusion Partner.

This can be arranged directly with the IncluCARE team at

We look forward to welcoming you to the World of Inclu!