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The vast majority of luxury hotel and lodgings across the globe offer an accessible room, suite or villa inventory. But for disabled people searching places to stay online, through a retail outlet, OTA, or independent travel advisor (ITA) – their endeavours are more often than not frustrating and fruitless as stunning accommodations remain out of sight. Neither visible, nor readily bookable.

Commercially this makes little sense and in relation to equality legislation across the globe, potentially discriminatory. Neither proposition likely to enhance brand reputation nor generate new revenue streams from this dynamic and exciting emerging market.

Trusted, authentic, relevant and verified access and inclusion detail is absolutely critical in the buying decision of disabled people. For these potential guests it means reassurance and confidence that hotels and lodgings they have booked will not only meet their requirements but will exceed them, and delight. Delivering a truly inclusive destination experience…and not just an accessible room stay.

This is why we have created our ground-breaking distribution platform – Inclutel, the worlds first guest-inclusion verified directory and concierge booking service for luxury hospitality and lodging.

Commensurate with any property or brands luxury offering and positioning, Inclutel will make visible – on a trusted global platform, existing inventory and provision, in a presentation and consistent format that we are confident will establish Inclutel as the number one resource and distribution channel for those amongst the worlds 1.3 billion disabled people who would experience luxury hospitality and leisure… if only the industry gave them the confidence to do so. If only they believed they could. Inclutel will show them they can.

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